Boulder Valley Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Boulder Valley was formed in 1985.  Today, club membership consists of approximately seventy men and women from a wide variety of vocations who aim to improve people’s lives by participating in projects that benefit their own and other communities.  These projects range from feeding homeless youth to the global eradication of polio.  Ongoing projects include:

Share-A-Coat Program

Since 1988, the club has collected coats and other clothes from Boulder County schools and businesses, for distribution to the needy.  In 2013, we collected nearly 1600 coats and many other winter garments.

The Dictionary Project

Last year the club began a project to distribute dictionaries to third grade students in Boulder Valley elementary schools.  In 2013, the program reached four schools: in 2014 we plan to increase that to ten.

Attention Homes

The club provides volunteers each month to prepare and serve food to at risk youth in Boulder County through Attention Homes.

Mental Health Partners

A new program is being established to provide job training to individuals with mental health challenges in conjunction with Mental Health Partners in Boulder County.

Early Childhood Learning

The club works with and provides support to the Acorn School in Boulder and the Boulder Day Nursery.  Members undertake improvement projects and provide financial support.

Water Supply in Nicaragua

The club is providing resources for the development of a water supply for the Jalapa valley in Nicaragua.

Uganda Refugee Center

The club will be providing resources for medical facilities at a refugee center in Uganda.

Rwanda Seed Storage

The club will be providing resources for a seed storage project in Rwanda.

We provide financial support, advice and guidance to Interact Clubs in Boulder high schools and the Rotaract Club at CU Boulder.  We also support Rotary International’s efforts to eliminate polio from the world.  This effort began in 1985 and is expected to finish in the next five years.

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